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How can a 360 Tour help Real Estate brokers? 

A 360 tour gives your client something more than photos or a video alone. They can get an idea of light, and dimensions of a space. They get something that is realistic and lets them explore a space as if they were there in person, so that if a client comes to you, they are more likely to be serious about your space and about buying.

How can a 360 Tour help those renting apartments and condos? 

In addition to the above, a 360 tour’s info spots can highlight the things that a potential tenant is looking for, such as new appliances, the direction of the windows, an on-site manager, in-suite storage etc. Save time on no-shows and spend time on more serious clients. 

How can a 360 Tour help a business? 

A 360 virtual tour can give potential customers a feel for your space and entice them into your storefront. Furthermore, we can connect your tour to Google street view. 2 Billion people use Google every day and Google maps is now the go to place to look up a local business.  

How can a 360 Tour help RV sales or other products? 

Now that Covid is here, people are more eager than ever to travel locally and purchase items like RVs. However, they are also less eager than ever to visit showrooms or retail spaces. A 360 tour can show them products from the comfort of their own homes, and entice them out to make a buy.

What about COVID? 

Now, more than ever, showing potential buyers a space or item that they can experience from the safety and comfort from home has great value. 

Can these tours be seen as Virtual Reality? 

Yes! Our tours are VR ready. This means that anyone with simple and inexpensive cardboard Google VR goggles can select the VR option on their phone while looking at your tour, and slip the phone into the googles to experience it in virtual reality. 

How can I prepare for a 360 tour? 

A 360 tour will show everything inside a space, from the roof to the floor. Steps to prepare include removing personal or sensitive items which you do not want photographed, and emptying and or removing garbage cans. We do not recommend washing the floor just prior to our arrival, as it should be dry when photography commences. 

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