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Serving Your Media Needs in Edmonton


Now offering 


Virtual Tours

We are a full service virtual tour provider providing virtual tours (360 MetaTours), street views, and 360 photography for real estate agents, property managers and businesses, as well as videography services.

Why work with us

We can help

business owners,  

developers, non-profits,

event planners

trade show organizers, 

 actors, comedians, artists,

real estate agents, 

budding entrepreneurs

and more!


 Promote yourself, your business, your talents or your space.




Whether you have footage to assemble, need a camera person, a virtual tour or want a video built from scratch, we're here to help. 


We like to cover every angle so that you have a detailed, authentic, and visually dynamic document.


"Iva Janiga Media did an 

excellent job on the work

she did for us. I was

impressed with her professionalism and

attention to detail. She

took the time to get it

right!  I would highly

recommend her."

Brian Welling



Steven Li Photography

Theatre Yes

Welling Centre

Collins Studio Gallery

Country Alarm

BNI Entrepreneurs

Sirius Controls

NorthGate Idustries

Adventure Challenge Canada

Academy of Learning

HiEnd Festival of Lights


Alliance Properties


"I hired Iva to film one of my multimedia performances and to film and audition video for me. Both were finished in record time, and I believe that the audition video she filmed and edited was the reason I got several auditions. I do projections which are difficult to film, but Iva did a great job making my work look amazing. I cannot recommend her enough."

Evvie D.

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